Settings 1.x

Browser with versions 1.x support default settings for work.

For set your settings, you need create directory “.KioskBrowser” inside user home directory and add file “.KioskBrowser/config.js”

For Windows file is “%userprofile%/.KioskBrowser/config.js”

For Linux file is “~/.KioskBrowser/config.js”

In config.js you can add in JSON format only own props. Browser is merge you config.js and included default settings on startup.


Default config.js is:

var config = {
     title: "Informational kiosk",   /* (string) title in header of program */
     homeUrl: "",
     homeUrlInactivityTimeoutSec: 180,               /* (int) inactivity timoeout for go home. Set to 0 for disabling.  */
     chromeColor: "#323232",         /* (string) background color (keyboard, header) */
     textColor: "#C1C1C1",           /* (string) text color (keyboard, header) */
     useWebView: false,              /* (boolean) (only 1.x version) use webview needed for Flash Player, but disabling keyboard */
     useRecursiveIframeBinding: true, /* (boolean) (only 1.x version) attach keyboard on subframe (iframes) */
     isUseVirtualKeyboard: true,    /* (boolean) for enable or disable virtual keyboard. */
     isPrinterBlocked: true,        /* (boolean) true if printer is blocked */
     httpServer: {
             isEnabled: false,               /* (boolean) true if http server for RPC is enabled */
             secret: null,                   /* (string) use secret as "key" param for access all request. set to null if api key (password) is not needed */
             hostname: "localhost",  /* (string) hostname of server or ip address. use "" for all IP of kiosk */
             port: 80                                /*  (int) port of server */
     antiBornPixels: {                       /* prevent born of screen pixels if screen is not have embed protection */
             isEnabled: true,                /* enable protection */
             padding: 10,                    /* screen have black padding and webview is moving from this padding. default: 10, set 0 to disable padding */
             flickerPixelInterval: 0 /* (int) (only 1.x version) interval of one pixel flickering in ms. do not set less than 16 ms. 0 - pixel flickering is disabled. 30 - recommended. It is value is set GPU working if not zero */
     gui: {
             scrollbarWidth: 17,     /* (int) width of scrollbar. Override browser default scrollbar width. */
             isHeaderHidden: false,  /* (boolean) true for header hidden */
             isBackHidden: false,    /* (boolean) true for hide back button */
             isHomeHidden: false     /* (boolean) true for hide home button */

Last line must be

module.exports = config;

config.js example

var config = {
   homeUrl: ""
module.exports = config;