Settings 2.x

This settings for KioskBrowser v.2.x

Browser support default settings for work.

On start browser check .KioskBrowser.json in home folder and run configuration screen if not exists.

For other browser you can copy .KioskBrowser.json in home folder.

For Windows file is “%userprofile%/.KioskBrowser.json”

For Linux file is “~/.KioskBrowser.json”

In .KioskBrowser.json you can add in JSON format only own props. Browser is merge you .KioskBrowser.json and included default settings on startup.


Default .KioskBrowser.json is:

     "title": "Informational kiosk",   /* (string) title in header of program */
     "homeUrl": "",
     "homeUrlInactivityTimeoutSec": 180,             /* (int) inactivity timoeout for go home. Set to 0 for disabling.  */
     "primaryColor": "#323232",              /* (string) background color (keyboard, header) */
     "textColor": "#FFFFFF",         /* (string) text color (keyboard, header) */
     "useRecursiveIframeBinding": true, /* (boolean) (only 1.x version) attach keyboard on subframe (iframes) */
     "isUseVirtualKeyboard": true,    /* (boolean) for enable or disable virtual keyboard. */
     "isPrinterBlocked": true,              /* (boolean) true if printer is blocked */
     "httpServerIsEnabled": false,           /* (boolean) true if http server for RPC is enabled */
     "httpServerSecret": null,                       /* (string) use secret as "key" param for access all request. set to null if api key (password) is not needed */
     "httpServerHostname": "localhost",      /* (string) hostname of server or ip address. use "" for all IP of kiosk */
     "httpServerPort": 8080                          /*  (int) port of server */
     "antiBornPixelsIsEnabled": true,                /*  prevent born of screen pixels if screen is not have embed protection */
     "antiBornPixelsPadding": 10,                    /* screen have black padding and webview is moving from this padding. default: 10, set 0 to disable padding */
     "scrollbarWidth": 17,   /* (int) width of scrollbar. Override browser default scrollbar width. */
     "isHeaderHidden": false,        /* (boolean) true for header hidden */
     "isBackHidden": false,  /* (boolean) true for hide back button */
     "isHomeHidden": false,  /* (boolean) true for hide home button */
     "injectBrowserStyle": null /* (string) css style for inject in keyboard and header (control) browser panel. Must be valid css code. Can use "body {...}" as style. Example for change font: "injectBrowserStyle":"@font-face {font-family: permian; src: url('file:///opt/fonts/PermianSansTypeface.otf')} body {font-family: permian;}" */

.KioskBrowser.json example

   "homeUrl": ""