Create user

You can create guest user for run KioskBrowser. Do not use administrator/root user for run KioskBrowser.

See your OS instruction for user creation.

For Linux user recommended add guest user on installation process and set autologon for this user.


Download installer.

Install software.

Create folder %userprofile%/.KioskBrowser/.

Create configuration txt file with JSON configuration %userprofile%/.KioskBrowser/config.js.

var config = {
  homeUrl: ""
module.exports = config;

Try run browser.

Check that all right work. For kill KioskBrowser use Ctrl+Alt+Del on hardware keyboard.

Add run KioskBrowser in startup (see manual for your version windows, for Windows 10 try open autorun folder Win+R and enter ‘shell:startup’ and add shortcut on KioskBrowser.


Create user for browser. If Browser will work with same hardware, user must have right for communication with it devices (RFID, etc).

Logged in user for run KioskBrowser.

Create folder for browser.

$ mkdir /opt/KioskBrowser

Go to folder.

$ cd /opt/KioskBrowser

Download zip-archive for your version OS.

For Linux x86:

$ wget

For Linux x86_64:

$ wget

Unzip archive.

$ unzip KioskBrowser-linux-*.zip

Remove old archive.

$ rm KioskBrowser-linux-*.zip

Set binary runnable.

$ chmod 0555 KioskBrowser

Create configuration config.js inside ~/.KioskBrowser/config.js.

$ mkdir ~/.KioskBrowser
$ vi ~/.KioskBrowser/config.js

Add simple configuration with homeUrl in JSON format.

var config = {
  homeUrl: ""
module.exports = config;

Try run browser


Check that all work right. For kill browser go to terminal Ctrl+Alt+F1, logged in and kill browser by command

$ pkill KioskBrowser

Add option /opt/KioskBrowser/KioskBrowser for startup and set autologon for KioskBrowser user. For it see instruction of your Linux vendor.